Definition of unoriginal in English:



  • Lacking originality; derivative.

    ‘an uninteresting and unoriginal essay’
    • ‘It's all bland, unoriginal pap that will only appeal to the nostalgia-seekers of the original BSB generation.’
    • ‘Suddenly, my comfortable city life seemed boring and unoriginal.’
    • ‘Look, you guys can say all you like that this was unoriginal or derivative, but I've seen the films he's ripping off and you know what?’
    • ‘It's stale, unoriginal, formulaic, repetitive, and shows as much originality and passion as a tribute band.’
    • ‘The opinions expressed by callers are consistently unoriginal and dull.’
    • ‘It seems that uni, and me in particular, tends to attract these enthusiastic, unoriginal dull types.’
    • ‘I didn't enjoy the format and found the thing tired and unoriginal.’
    • ‘I always hate unoriginal and uninspired titles, but apparently I also specialise in them.’
    • ‘My initial snap judgment was that it was unoriginal and rather boring, but as I got to know it and the performers better, I found it infinitely touching.’
    • ‘The tale itself is distinctly unoriginal - almost originally so.’
    • ‘Guilty of being vastly unoriginal, insipid, boring, and just downright horrible!’
    • ‘With plain, unoriginal style, it depicted the front side of a manor.’
    • ‘Instead, I saw my memories as they were viewed by millions every week: corny, unoriginal, and uninteresting.’
    • ‘Sometimes sharp writing and tremendous actor chemistry can revitalize unoriginal and boring material.’
    • ‘However, a Workers Online search of industrial insults painted the manager's effort as both unoriginal and lame.’
    • ‘A victim of its own success, and the influence it had on subsequent films, its conceits seem stale and unoriginal today.’
    • ‘Awful because it's such a lame and unoriginal hack job full of tired ideas dressed up with pretty lighting.’
    • ‘In short there's little to recommend this tired and unoriginal movie, and very little in it that hasn't been endlessly recycled before.’
    • ‘This essay manages to be dull, unoriginal and strange all at the same time.’
    • ‘Insofar as the European constitution mentions the free market, it is simply banal and unoriginal.’
    tedious, dull, monotonous
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