Definition of unordinary in English:



  • Not ordinary; unusual.

    • ‘Beneath my not too unordinary 84 years of woes and joys, I've found something beneficent, precious, good and ever-present.’
    • ‘Markus didn't know what to think, except that they were demons, unordinary monsters.’
    • ‘John was once an ordinary guy in an unordinary situation.’
    • ‘We were walking through the rose gardens, chattering about whatever took our fancy when something unordinary happened.’
    • ‘For what was the unordinary but the ordinary in this place?’
    • ‘For years, DiFranco has rejected interview requests from business publications because she believed they wouldn't understand her unordinary mission.’
    • ‘Nothing unordinary about his dress, there were many men of the working class who dressed similar.’
    • ‘He likens the task of making sense of organizational life to figuring out the rules, processes, and outcomes of a rather unordinary soccer game.’
    • ‘Watchfully gazing down at the concrete floor some 40 feet below, she took survey of what was below: standard sized crates, quite unordinary looking considering they were in a warehouse.’
    • ‘The staff and Little Harbor Hospital were already getting used to me so my presence there was not unordinary.’
    • ‘I mean, it wasn't anything unordinary, it was just the fact that you could tell he genuinely meant what he said.’
    • ‘Sometimes he can achieve an unordinary expression that causes me to wonder what is behind the glossy eyes and glowing exterior.’
    • ‘We were in a round room of pure stone, which was not unordinary because actually the Council room was in a large cave to the side of the Forbidden City.’
    • ‘There was a bed, a desk, a laptop, white walls, nothing unordinary.’
    • ‘It was a fairly ordinary day as far as what we actually did goes, but when you're living in relatively unordinary circumstances, the ordinary's a welcome relief.’
    • ‘We've got some extraordinary ideas, for an unordinary person.’
    • ‘This counselor had a ball as her campers and all those around her - broke out of the mid summer slump and made an ordinary day into an extraordinarily unordinary day to remember.’
    • ‘Much of the time, the streets of the old city are deserted, but inside these ancient homes are thousands of people, trying to live ordinary lives in these most unordinary of times.’
    • ‘In the center of the tavern was a very unordinary fountain.’
    • ‘Else is not nearly so good at portraying realistic unordinary characters, two of which become vital in the novel's dénouement.’