Definition of unordained in English:



  • Not having been ordained as a priest or minister.

    ‘they are as ardent as any unordained Christian’
    • ‘John Taylor, an unordained pastor working at a Bible Society shantytown, accompanied them and was appointed by the government as their agent.’
    • ‘Unprecedented numbers were joining the ranks of the church's vowed celibates (priests, unordained brothers and nuns) to staff this vast infrastructure.’
    • ‘On such occasions my unease has been all the more apparent because these unordained ministers do not share it.’
    • ‘One unordained woman minister expressed gratitude that she had never been ordained.’
    • ‘That is at least partly because in the earlier Middle Ages literacy was largely a prerogative of the Church - including not only the clergy of all ranks but many unordained monks and nuns.’