Definition of unoiled in English:



  • Not oiled.

    ‘unoiled hinges’
    • ‘His lips moved with the seconds then opened the door which sent out a shrilling scream of unoiled hinges.’
    • ‘In the summer the sound of unoiled chain screeched from every yard on the block.’
    • ‘Alison slowly pushed the heavy door open hearing it squeak along it's unoiled hinges.’
    • ‘He shouts, rattling the handle energetically - Energetically enough that I hear the sound of some unoiled hinges squeaking immediately before the crash of a whiteboard swinging down off the wall…’
    • ‘A group of 12 ringers went out to Dassen Island today to band unoiled penguins there.’
    • ‘Then there is the lovable Tritter, with his mop of grey hair and his voice like an unoiled hinge, whose Falstaff is at once paunchy and stiff-limbed, and as shiny and buoyant as a bubble.’
    • ‘Unoiled (Milky White) Sisal Yarn is treated specially and widely used for making arts, crafts, pet toys, decorative goods and special cores for steel wire rope.’
    • ‘The bars creaked open on unoiled hinges, echoing down the tunnel.’
    • ‘The woman, Maria Kowroski, is a predatory siren whose fierce, angular movements are accompanied by the creaks and grinds of unoiled door hinges.’