Definition of unobstructed in English:



  • Not obstructed.

    ‘an unobstructed view of the traffic lights’
    • ‘I'm an unexceptional six feet tall, and I found that I had a pristine, unobstructed view of the stage.’
    • ‘Atop each Core is a contemplative chamber, open to an unobstructed view of the sky.’
    • ‘The baby's parents were sitting at a front-window table from which they had an unobstructed view of their child.’
    • ‘Certainly none near us, and we had an unobstructed view from about 10 metres away.’
    • ‘I had a clear and unobstructed view of the road ahead of me and there were no other vehicles in my lane either ahead or behind.’
    • ‘Many of the windows are unadorned, leaving the views unobstructed.’
    • ‘There were no cars at the light, it was a clear day, and I had an unobstructed view up the avenue, all the way to the park.’
    • ‘Height restrictions imposed around the Todd Mall precinct and town in general mean we have unobstructed range views from almost everywhere.’
    • ‘Eight of the rooms have unobstructed harbour views, the other two overlooking the beautiful garden.’
    • ‘The view from their house is completely unobstructed over Loch na Gar, and she likes to take their border terrier, Dougal, for walks up the hill at the back.’
    • ‘No grass, no animals, no dirt, not even an unobstructed view of the sky or sun.’
    • ‘They are specially designed to comfortably hold up to 25 people each and have unobstructed panoramic views of London and beyond.’
    • ‘Bits of it are smoked plastic and others offer a completely unobstructed view of its workings and innards.’
    • ‘For a wireless service to work the antenna on your premises must have an unobstructed view to the provider's base station.’
    • ‘The large glass area provides an unobstructed view, ideal when doing loader work in tight buildings or in the yard.’
    • ‘When she did, she gave herself an unobstructed view of the kitchen beyond the living room and Chris, standing there, watching her.’
    • ‘Grabbing my camera I stepped out and along the lane to the point where there is a view of the sky unobstructed by houses.’
    • ‘If I get a gallery ticket I think the view is unobstructed if distant.’
    • ‘The new lay-by is solely for taxis to drop off and pick up customers with bus passengers having clear unobstructed access to buses from the footway.’
    • ‘From where he is sitting, like me, he too has an unobstructed view of the lower half of every passerby.’
    unblocked, passable, unimpeded, open, empty, free, unlimited, unrestricted, unhindered
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