Definition of unobjective in English:



  • Based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions; biased.

    ‘a very unscientific panel of unobjective readers’
    ‘he's not as good as all his adoring, unobjective fans seem to think he is’
    ‘I found nothing at all unobjective about the analysis’
    • ‘Allegory in itself is far too unobjective for art.’
    • ‘Unobjective egotism aside, the irony is delightful.’
    • ‘People may sometimes criticize the officials in unobjective, inaccurate and unfair ways.’
    • ‘I tend to view advice given to me by friends and family as biased or at least unobjective.’
    • ‘As an unobjective observer, who is sometimes very critical of my husband, he has done a phenomenal job.’
    biased, bigoted, discriminatory, partisan, partial, one-sided, jaundiced, intolerant, narrow-minded, unfair, unjust, inequitable, non-objective, blinkered, parti pris, coloured, distorted, warped, loaded, weighted
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