Definition of unneighbourly in English:



  • Not neighbourly.

    • ‘A considerable number of those interviewed even feel ‘very unneighbourly?’’
    • ‘Despite being accompanied by a 1,100-strong petition, the plan was refused by SLDC on the grounds it was unneighbourly and it was not in character with Ford Park a Grade II listed building.’
    • ‘Can anyone put a good case for allowing unneighbourly neighbours to bomb tiles off a little old lady's roof whenever they feel like it?’
    • ‘I should add that this is not one of those cases familiar to the courts where neighbours behave in an unneighbourly and aggressive way towards each other.’
    • ‘Before long, however, the perky pensioner is running rings around the pair with an unending series of demands and unneighbourly behaviour that drives them up the wall.’
    • ‘He said: ‘My view is that although the Holker estate is within its rights, it is an unneighbourly action.’’
    • ‘‘Members consider that their privacy will be greatly reduced and that the height of the projection, which is some 17 metres to the ridge height and two floors above the roof line of the club, is unneighbourly,’ he said.’
    • ‘A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon said: ‘We don't see it as unneighbourly; it is well run, well managed, doesn't cause any problems in the area and we don't see that an extra hour will cause problems.’’
    • ‘Therefore, where the United States had previously been described as unneighbourly, now it was, as in the poem, ‘alien’; the two countries were no longer divided by a ‘border,’ but more often, a ‘line.’’
    • ‘I don't know what the fact sheet was about since it is of course illegal as well as unneighbourly to open mail not addressed to oneself, but I have my theories.’
    • ‘The committee voted to refuse retrospective permission on the grounds the decking was too high and both detrimental and unneighbourly.’
    • ‘Officers have recommended the scheme should be refused on the grounds it would be unneighbourly and an eyesore.’
    • ‘Assam is open to foreigners but some areas are riddled with bandits, while the ‘no man's land’ between unneighbourly India and Bangladesh is patrolled by bored but trigger-happy armies.’
    hostile, disagreeable, misanthropic, antagonistic, aggressive
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