Definition of unnavigability in English:



  • See unnavigable

    • ‘It stunned the entire Internet with its unnavigability, forcing people to buy something - anything, even suspenders - to get away!’
    • ‘It is held more rational to determine the question of navigability or unnavigability of a stream, from the fact of navigation or otherwise, than from a circumstance which may or may not be conclusive evidence of its navigability.’
    • ‘It was discontinued in 1909 due to the unnavigability of the South Channel.’
    • ‘The reason being, in West Malaysia, priority was given to the development of roads and railways due to unnavigability of most rivers there.’
    • ‘It's only by virtue of the fact that there's not a whole lot of traffic that the complete unnavigability of the forums does not become an issue.’