Definition of unnaturalized in English:


(British unnaturalised)


  • (of a foreigner) not admitted to the citizenship of a country.

    ‘unnaturalized immigrants’
    • ‘Despite this insecurity, naturalized Canadians were still better off than unnaturalized aliens, who, by definition, were completely outside the polity.’
    • ‘Members of the Lincoln administration were most often asked if unnaturalized foreigners who were serving in the army, or had served previously, might be extended the franchise.’
    • ‘Ironically, the only unnaturalised Russians to he sent back were a community of Lithuanian miners who had settled in Scotland.’
    • ‘O'Mara recalls that the unnaturalized Germans living in Frederick Street were "rounded up and sent to the Isle of Man detention camp."’
    • ‘The percentage of aliens or unnaturalized citizens in Essex County rose from 1.5 % in 1820, to just under 11 % in 1835 and reached 15 % on the eve of the Civil War.’
    • ‘The unnaturalized alien, the proverbial stranger, operated not only on the margins of society but at the mercy and discretion of others.’
    • ‘When conscription of British men into the army was introduced by the government of Britain in 1916, large numbers of unnaturalised Russian Jewish men in London or Leeds became the objects of a campaign to get them to volunteer for the British army or to be forced into the Russian Imperial one.’
    • ‘That is because women, men of 20 and under, and most African Americans and unnaturalised immigrants could attend church but could not vote.’
    foreign, non-native, tropical
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