Definition of unnatural in English:



  • 1Contrary to the ordinary course of nature; abnormal.

    ‘death by unnatural causes’
    • ‘Bringing a tree into a house and covering it with trinkets is, of course, an unnatural act.’
    • ‘These fabulous characters use their extraordinary and unnatural physical and psychic powers on the side of either good or evil.’
    • ‘In such a prescription there will be violence, and any violence is unnatural, abnormal, criminal.’
    • ‘If so, we are dealing with an unusually illogical and unnatural mindset.’
    • ‘It may look strange and unnatural but, after all, this is a pixilated character we are trying to copy here!’
    • ‘Each is presented as an unnatural detachment from ordinary emotions: erotic love, love of country.’
    • ‘It was, of course, a completely unnatural oddity of physics, but the Weak Hole in particular was worse than your average black hole.’
    • ‘There are so many of us, like one in ten, that we can't be even called abnormal or unnatural.’
    • ‘That's three out of four women who are then painted as being abnormal, unnatural and dysfunctional.’
    • ‘A glance at any science text tells us that monogamy is utterly unnatural, unless of course you're a swan.’
    • ‘What causes stress but doing something unnatural to human nature, to humankind?’
    • ‘Sexual perversion is usually implicitly assumed to mean some kind of unnatural, abnormal form of sexual behaviour.’
    • ‘The people who were waiting for him were caught in acts of lust, having unnatural and abnormal sex and worshipping false gods.’
    • ‘And that, of course, is foolish, unwise, and unnatural.’
    • ‘She always knew she was slightly abnormal, but this wasn't abnormal it was unnatural.’
    • ‘He claims to be being completely truthful, despite the interviewer's disbelief and the fact that his face has changed in strange and unnatural ways.’
    • ‘This unnatural act unhinged a stranger sitting next to me who looked on in amazement as he passed the same bus stop he had stood at five minutes previously.’
    • ‘It's an unnatural construct that Nature keeps pulling down, but which Man keeps restoring and maintaining.’
    • ‘This is not something she considers unnatural, or even uncommon.’
    • ‘Do we want to force nature to produce unnatural products and yields in an attempt to sustain our unsustainable lifestyles?’
    abnormal, unusual, uncommon, extraordinary, strange, freakish, freak, queer, odd, peculiar, weird, unorthodox, exceptional, irregular, atypical, untypical, non-typical, anomalous, divergent, aberrant, bizarre, preternatural
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    1. 1.1 (of feelings or behaviour) contrary to what is seen as normal, conventional, or acceptable.
      ‘wanting to help other people is not unnatural’
      • ‘A strange, unnatural feeling is beginning to develop among long-term observers of English football: optimism.’
      • ‘My characters always have lots of aunties, one of whom my hero always has unnatural feelings for, or very natural feelings for.’
      • ‘If wherever she was going was full of such… unnatural feelings… she wasn't sure how she would fare through it.’
      • ‘Neither one of us are religious in the slightest, so the sole reason for my attendance at this time seems to be the annual egg hunt that for people in their fifties my parents take unnatural glee in.’
      • ‘Indeed, if Madonna were a fictional character, one could only retain public sympathy for her by having her ‘pay the price’ for her unnatural behaviour.’
      • ‘Such an unnatural feeling was more than he could bear.’
      • ‘For such a female, there can be no understanding, and the contrast between the wife's unnatural behaviour and the husband's heroic behaviour is specially stressed.’
      • ‘Larry has an unnatural fear of sharks and the word ‘shark’ makes him go completely mental.’
      • ‘Indeed, for him or her, heterosexual behaviour is unnatural.’
      • ‘Alcohol induces unnatural feelings and makes people act out of character; it's very easy to find oneself in a frightening situation.’
      • ‘Gone are the days when crimplene flares were modelled by vacuous looking male models with an unnatural penchant for Aran knit cardigans and neck ties.’
      • ‘With an unnatural longing, Deirdre wanted a water feature.’
      • ‘Donnelly complains that Play School is battling ‘to normalise what many parents would consider unnatural behaviour’.’
      • ‘Like his mother, he has an unnatural fear of water.’
      • ‘I've developed an unnatural interest in Comic Relief does Fame Academy.’
      • ‘I wanted to tell the lady in Cairo that she was exaggerating her dress, that it was unnatural and abnormal.’
      • ‘During the last few months, I'd had visions of him running away, scared and shamed by my unnatural passion.’
      • ‘Kirstie could only gape, caught between outrage and an unnatural desire to laugh.’
      perverted, warped, twisted, deviant, depraved, degenerate, bestial, unhealthy, immoral, abnormal, decadent
      uncaring, unconcerned, unfeeling, inhuman, soulless, heartless, cold, cold-blooded, hard, hard-hearted, callous, cruel, brutal, merciless, pitiless, remorseless, inhumane, evil, wicked, monstrous
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  • 2Not existing in nature; artificial.

    ‘the artificial turf looks an unnatural green’
    • ‘Genuine emotions of family attachment can never be expected to spring in such an artificial, unnatural environment.’
    • ‘Soft and unnatural synthetic bristles are best; natural bristles are more porous and tend to harbor oral bacteria.’
    • ‘Venom began to glow an unnatural green color as the room seemed to darken and time slowed as Bloodlust joined her sister with her own inhuman red illumination.’
    • ‘I took them off, glad to be rid of the unnatural green tone.’
    • ‘And they all held the unnatural bright green of early spring.’
    • ‘Food is also symbolic of corruptive Europe, which offers only tinned, synthetic unnatural food.’
    • ‘Replication only occurred in highly artificial, unnatural conditions.’
    • ‘The largest body of water in the state is actually Lake Sakakawea but it is artificial and thus unnatural.’
    • ‘The figure was human in appearance, though his hair was long and flowed in the gentle waves of the water, and was the unnatural shade of green.’
    • ‘It was wheat bread with unnatural green shrubs inside.’
    • ‘Buy breads free of unnatural chemicals - most mass produced breads are made with artificial chemicals.’
    • ‘There were dozens of glow-in-the-dark stars throbbing there, throwing their unnatural green light down to her.’
    • ‘Pitch variations, or the absence of them, can also make synthesized speech seem unnatural and hard to decipher.’
    • ‘Equally allusive is his palette, which, despite being dominated by green, looks completely unnatural.’
    • ‘However, intellectuals can alter the course of unnatural disasters such as government.’
    • ‘Light shone around her, constant, as constant as daylight, but infinitely harsher; it was unnatural, artificial.’
    • ‘It sounded unnatural, manufactured, and I could tell she never laughed so easily, so unthinkingly.’
    • ‘Some Shih Tzu puppies may instinctively resist the unnatural feel of a manufactured nipple.’
    • ‘The setup is unnatural and artificial, but the emotion within the situation is very real - like a beam of light in a house of mirrors, the emotion is intensified.’
    • ‘Merino wool is another natural fabric that can feature no added synthetics or unnatural colours.’
    artificial, man-made, synthetic, manufactured, fabricated, fake, false, faux, simulated, not existing in nature, not found in nature
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    1. 2.1 Affected or stilted.
      ‘the formal tone of the programmes caused them to sound stilted and unnatural’
      • ‘To be fair, this is as much a problem with the script, which requires him to speak in an awkward, unnatural manner.’
      • ‘Here is a voice in every way opposed to Martin's: it's angular, assumed, pointedly unnatural.’
      • ‘The opinions I formed of the characters at the beginning had evolved very considerably by the end, and yet nothing in the way the film progressed ever seemed forced or unnatural.’
      • ‘Distracted, she noted that her voice had an unnatural dreamy manner to it.’
      • ‘I have to consciously form the present boy's name sometimes, and it can sound forced and unnatural, no unnatural is too strong.’
      • ‘Their performances are stilted, unnatural, and weak.’
      • ‘But it always feels to me very unnatural, that we're pretending.’
      • ‘Apart from that, many people who only weight train walk around in a most unnatural manner, with a constipated look on their face.’
      • ‘The way I say it, though, is stiff and unnatural and Chloe, having been my acquaintance for a long time, hears this straight away.’
      • ‘His voice sounded unnatural and stilted, but I barely noticed as I thought about making out with Dmitri against the rough bark of the tree in the forest.’
      • ‘We found efforts at forced collaboration awkward and unnatural for most organizations.’
      • ‘And as for the acquaintances they've got back home, they find the newfound attention somewhat forced and unnatural.’
      • ‘He called the next day, and we talked for a long time, though there was something strained and unnatural in it.’
      • ‘But his funny faces and odd mannerisms come across as forced and unnatural.’
      • ‘It seems forced and unnatural, as if it's something he knows he's supposed to be saying instead of a phrase he uses all the time.’
      • ‘There were long periods with little to no dialogue, and what dialogue there was felt stilted and unnatural (but that may have been the intention).’
      • ‘One of the criticisms I've heard is that the language is stilted and unnatural.’
      • ‘It leads to an unnatural style that is forced and wooden.’
      • ‘I know it is intentional, but I found the angels' stilted movements unnatural.’
      • ‘Macy does an excellent job of humanizing Lawrence, even on those occasions when he is asked to speak forced and unnatural lines.’
      affected, artificial, stilted, self-conscious, contrived, forced, laboured, studied, strained, stiff, wooden
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