Definition of unnail in English:



[with object]
  • Unfasten by the removal of nails.

    ‘Sam unnailed the boards from a fence’
    • ‘At the same instant, the safety bar came unnailed from the plywood and popped out.’
    • ‘The snow was then rolled up in the sheets and lowered through openings in the floor made by removing boards that were left unnailed for that purpose.’
    • ‘The next couple of rows were left unnailed.’
    • ‘This the Cross used during Good Friday services for the unnailing ceremony.’
    • ‘It had an unfortunate habit of jumping off the bathroom wall and the little Mexican talismans would become unnailed.’
    • ‘The cannon were precipitately spiked - so badly that they were unnailed the same evening - and the bulk of the garrison left.’
    • ‘As with the sides, the flaring edges or unnailed edges of the strips should face outdoors.’
    • ‘Now, after they have unnailed my hands and feet, I'm in my Mother's arms.’
    • ‘You'll will each have a single room with sea view and we are unnailing the windows so you can entertain guests out of hours.’
    • ‘The wheels were depicted in such detail that even the unnailed iron banding is clearly visible.’
    • ‘From the pictures you sent, I can see that the boards have cupped slightly, causing the unnailed, groove side of each floor board to rise.’
    • ‘It acts as a toggle for either nailing or unnailing the current window.’
    • ‘Madeleine will not go gently into this sinister night, nor will Usher let her, insisting that her coffin remain unnailed, which, in effect, precipitates a supernatural spill between worlds.’
    • ‘There'll be a vesper service commemorating the unnailing of Christ from the Cross, Burial of Our Lord at 3 p.m.’
    • ‘If you went home and left one board unnailed, someone would say the building is falling apart.’
    • ‘So they take hammers and pincers, to perform the sacred and sad unnailing from the Cross, while your pierced Mama stretches out Her maternal arms to receive You on Her lap.’