Definition of unmuzzled in English:



  • (of an animal) not wearing a muzzle.

    • ‘US INTELLIGENCE personnel ordered military dog handlers to use unmuzzled dogs to intimidate detainees at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, according to The Washington Post.’
    • ‘The unmuzzled dogs were also used to terrify inmates at the direction of the highest-ranking military intelligence officer at the prison, one witness said Tuesday.’
    • ‘They allegedly used unmuzzled dogs to attack and terrify Iraqi prisoners.’
    • ‘The high-ranking intelligence officers allegedly ordered guards to use unmuzzled dogs to frighten prisoners.’
    • ‘It will determine if Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, who was the top commander in Iraq, authorized the use of unmuzzled dogs to intimidate naked prisoners, something he vehemently denies.’
    • ‘Big, tough, fully matured yobs with a multiplicity of tattoos and convictions for affray and GBH get misty-eyed when reflecting on their unmuzzled pit-bull Vinny and their lethal Alsatian Prince.’
    • ‘The use of unmuzzled dogs to terrify prisoners was approved military practice in Abu Ghraib: Smith said military intelligence personnel asked him to instill fear in detainees.’
    • ‘The use of unmuzzled dogs during interrogations is, in my mind, tantamount to torture.’
    • ‘A picture on the front page of the Post showed a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit cowering in front of an unmuzzled dog being held back by a soldier.’
    • ‘Please, point me to the references in the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions sanctioning the use of unmuzzled dogs.’
    • ‘High-ranking US intelligence officers at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison ordered guards to use unmuzzled dogs to intimidate prisoners, The Washington Post said yesterday, quoting sworn statement by dog handlers at the jail.’
    • ‘There is a $1,000 fine for allowing certain dogs to be at large unmuzzled.’
    • ‘Handlers have told investigators that the use of unmuzzled military police dogs was sanctioned by top military intelligence officers.’
    • ‘It states that they were struck with rifle butts, punched, kicked and slapped, ‘short shackled’ in painful ‘stress positions’ and threatened with unmuzzled dogs.’