Definition of unmusically in English:



  • See unmusical

    • ‘‘For 1, 2, or 3 People,’ the first and most ‘musical’ of the works, began unmusically enough, when Wolff inflated a small green balloon with his mouth.’
    • ‘What about folk singer sadists who wheeze them unmusically into a microphone for 16 bars when they run out of verses?’
    • ‘All the rating scales were found to be significant predictors for the unity ratings of musically and unmusically trained participants.’
    • ‘In nineteenth-century opera, Solomon - tiresomely and unmusically high-minded - was upstaged by the licentious Sheba.’
    • ‘They stand around in throngs, calling unmusically into their cell phones and alternatively picking their noses or scratching their bums.’