Definition of unmusical in English:



  • 1Not pleasing to the ear.

    ‘a loud, unmusical noise’
    • ‘We don't generally like to use the word ‘metal’ because it kind of has a heavy connotation that's kind of unmusical to a lot of people.’
    • ‘It's odd that feeling that seizes when I enter my office and see the DSL modem's lines flashing in a slow unmusical pattern.’
    • ‘Baraka's intentionally unmusical, discordant notes possess a unique and parodic music as he moves in his delivery of ‘It's Nation Time’ through speech, scream, and song.’
    • ‘Neumeier's work is self-indulgently long, banal, unmusical both in its choice of scores and in its response to them, intermittently pretentious and uncertain in tone.’
    • ‘One bright spot is simply that hard-core rap has knocked out such unmusical predecessors as heavy metal and punk.’
    • ‘As we walked into the Leas Club a loud, unmusical tune struck up.’
    • ‘Their songs were too long, and were made up of loops created on the laptop utilising the most unmusical discordant sounds imaginable.’
    • ‘This musical has a different feel to it, because the cast is trying to tell a story all through song, which makes some of the singing sound very unmusical.’
    • ‘Now as then, the sheer beauty and clarity of his piano tone is what first strikes the ear, a deep-centered, warmly rounded solidity that never permits the slightest suggestion of a forced or unmusical sound.’
    • ‘Treleaven lasts the course, but he's an unmusical, inaccurate singer.’
    • ‘Their calls have been described as unmusical and harsh.’
    • ‘The songs of woodcreepers are simple and unmusical.’
    • ‘My first point's that it's intrinsically unmusical.’
    • ‘My taxi ride from the airport was interrupted by a group of protestors who walked into the middle of a junction and sat down, blocking six lanes of traffic and provoking an unmusical symphony of car horns.’
    • ‘It's like music is almost unmusical, it's like a weapon, it's got this contrary undercurrent.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the DTH muses were a disappointment, surprisingly stiff and unmusical, although Lenore Pavlakos was a striking and beautiful Leto, making her birthing contractions into musical things of beauty.’
    • ‘Particularly in the Third, he and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra are let down by the boxy recording, which swallows orchestral detail and produces unmusical balances.’
    • ‘You can imagine my dismay in discovering that not only does the movie Moulin Rouge contain absolutely no nudity but the characters sing unmusical rock songs like Up Where You Belong and Smells Like Teen Spirit.’
    • ‘Noise can be described as any loud or unmusical or disagreeable sound that is prolonged and can be damaging or deafening to the ear.’
    • ‘A slightly unresolved project, but Lundy is incapable of anything unmusical.’
    loud, noisy, ear-splitting, blaring, booming, thunderous, deafening
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  • 2Unskilled in or indifferent to music.

    ‘even a decidedly unmusical teenager can get involved with music’
    • ‘Brian Kennedy grew up in an utterly unmusical family.’
    • ‘Graduating from the very unmusical department of political science and international relations at Columbia University, Yang's career in singing was inspired by his grandmother.’
    • ‘They are so unbelievably horrible, so appallingly unmusical, so dogmatically insensitive to the magic of the art, that they qualify as crowned heads of anti-music, even as the impostor popes went down in history as ‘anti-popes’.’
    • ‘We are shown how the supposedly unmusical Freud rendered his analysis in exquisitely musical terms, and how the Freudian notion of ‘working through’ an analysis can be thought of as providing variations on a theme.’
    • ‘They're too young, too inexperienced and, by the look of their work, unmusical.’
    • ‘And she was very unmusical and I remember her going to a concert at the Albert Hall, we had a box at the Albert Hall my family did, to hear a promenade concert just to see if she disliked music as much as she thought she did.’
    • ‘How many congenitally unmusical youngsters were seduced into thinking they were congenital geniuses by Peel's enthusiastic, sinusitic, cod-Liverpudlian encouragement?’
    • ‘Ever wanted to play a musical instrument but are convinced that you are totally unmusical?’
    • ‘After the show one is eager to agree with Paul Bowles (as quoted by Ondaatje): ‘The Singhalese are probably the most unmusical people in the world.’’
    • ‘He also taught us in standard 5, and one of the penalties of being kept in after classes ended was having to listen to him giving violin lessons to unmusical pupils.’
    • ‘I don't quite know how it happened because I'm from a family that's completely unmusical.’
    • ‘As one partook in the invitation to ‘push buttons to rock out,’ even the most unmusical of people could become genius music makers.’
    • ‘have never thought about this as I am so totally unmusical, a bit like Steve Martin's character in ‘the jerk'. Although having said that, I love music.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that many mathematicians are completely unmusical and few musicians have any interest in mathematics, there is a persistent piece of folk knowledge that the two are connected.’