Definition of unmuffle in English:



[with object]
  • Free from something that muffles or conceals.

    ‘an unmuffled tractor engine’
    • ‘The clutch dropped on a grand total of at least 15,000 unmuffled horsepower.’
    • ‘Seberger achieved a 40dB reduction in sound, which, because the decibel measurement is logarithmic, means that the pfffft you hear is 1 / 100th that of the unmuffled gunshot.’
    • ‘The thunderous roar of an unmuffled V - 8 is music to my bleeding ears.’
    • ‘If one is, shall we say, taking one's leave, the last thing that anyone outside the stall wants is to be able to hear the unmuffled sound of the occupier's ‘leave’ hitting the pan.’
    • ‘‘Well, I was wondering if you would… ‘I was just thinking how glad I was that my dilemma was being solved for me, when a voice decidedly unmuffled by braces came from behind me.’’
    • ‘Finally unmuffled and confronted by his comrades, who leave in contempt, Paroles resolves henceforth to make a shameless living as a laughing stock.’
    • ‘The sound is clear, dialogue clearly understood, and the score is also clear and unmuffled in all its 1980s synthpop glory.’
    • ‘I suddenly realize the unmuffled enthusiasm in my voice.’