Definition of unmown in English:



  • Not mown.

    ‘unmown grass’
    • ‘Too often… village greens are neglected and become rank with unmown grass and weeds, or trodden bare, used as dumps for rubbish and disfigured with litter.’
    • ‘The unmown grass could spoil Colchester's reputation as a place to visit, another resident has warned.’
    • ‘Hulking like a skeleton, the only house on the street that had an unmown lawn.’
    • ‘When Leila was seven years old, her stepfather ran out of fuel when mowing, leaving a large rectangle of unmown orchard grass.’
    • ‘I wonder why they couldn't just have pulled on to the unmown area - the grass isn't that long?’
    • ‘Lawn mowings are left in situ and large areas of longer grass are left unmown to encourage wild flowers and grass seed.’
    • ‘Neighbors with patchy or unmown grass were frowned upon, or worse.’
    • ‘Christian cemeteries tend to be located near churches, and it is common to see weeds and unmown grass there.’
    • ‘It had been calling from a field of unmown hay close to the house for much of the morning and we were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, not really looking for it, but wondering whether, as it was so close, we might get a glimpse.’
    • ‘We chose a typical northeastern hayfield - habitat that's wonderful for voles but also likely to get rapidly overgrown if left unmown.’
    • ‘The unmown grass, the ragged-looking shrubs, that pile of dead limbs and brush behind the poplar: Some would say, as my misinformed neighbors have hinted from time to time, these are symptoms of a good-for-nothing homeowner.’
    • ‘In between blocks, Shinn and Page have established small ‘prairies,’ plots seeded to perennial grasses and forbs and left unmown to serve as habitat for beneficial insects and other wildlife.’