Definition of unmoved in English:



  • 1Not affected by emotion or excitement.

    ‘he was clearly unmoved by her outburst’
    • ‘Rick was unmoved emotionally as he laid eyes on the same dashboards and controls he sees almost every day but Alexia…’
    • ‘Or if I just want to carry on being hard and cold and unmoved forever, never getting burned, but also never feeling that burning passion - ever.’
    • ‘First Kaeldra is brutally knocked unconscious, and then this man admits to terrorizing Sabriel and all he can do is sit there and stare at me, unmoved and uncaring?’
    • ‘The first is the continuing power of album cover art to provoke emotional responses from people normally unmoved by graphic design and visual culture.’
    • ‘A birthday party in which he reads a simple poem to his mother unleashes a tidal wave of emotion that will leave few viewers unmoved.’
    • ‘Eva seems to be in love with Dizzi but he remains unmoved by her affections.’
    • ‘The audience, though, remains unmoved, aloof - everyone is far too cool to show any excitement.’
    • ‘It's a human tragedy that could leave only the hardest heart unmoved.’
    • ‘But the uninterested and the unmoved are massing everywhere.’
    • ‘But even then the friend may remain unmoved and unimpressed; the magic doesn't always work.’
    • ‘The point is that Jesus entered fully into the pain and suffering of human life. Our high priest does not stand aloof and unmoved by the human struggle.’
    • ‘In particular, Schoenfeldt deals with the critical problem of Sonnet 94, a poem that celebrates those who contain their emotions and are as unmoved by others as stone.’
    • ‘I watched Natural Born Killers yesterday, and was at once quite impressed by the film itself, yet left emotionally unmoved.’
    • ‘However, the honesty of the lyrics and genuineness of the performance can leave only the stoniest of souls unmoved - emo-grunge with an infectious smile.’
    • ‘As a heartless Londoner who has to negotiate such scenarios several times a day, I remained unmoved and whilst offering an emotionless mouthed apology, I carried on my way without really looking at him.’
    • ‘It would take a hard heart to be unmoved by the mourning of those bereaved by the Bali bombing.’
    • ‘The story spans 20 years, but the detail of the earlier scenes gives way to sketchiness, with the result that - even at the sight of so much emotion - we're left strangely unmoved.’
    • ‘As Wimbledon go under, we are immune to their pain, unmoved by their plight.’
    • ‘Once you get over the weirdness of the premise, it takes a hard heart to remain unmoved by this simple yet deeply emotional tale.’
    • ‘Where the 2001 movie caused tears to well up in my eyes, this movie left me cold and unmoved, even though its manipulation is relentless.’
    unaffected, untouched, unstirred, unimpressed, unperturbed, unruffled, untroubled, undismayed, unworried
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    1. 1.1 Not changed in one's purpose or intention.
      ‘her opponents were unmoved and plan to return to court’
      • ‘But the LDNPA remained unmoved and plans to bring down the full force of the law when the temporary enforcement officer post is filled.’
      • ‘The man was unmoved by the declaration and stood watching Jet intently.’
      • ‘Revelations of cases of child sexual abuse by members of the clergy followed, during which the cardinal adopted a stoic attitude, unmoved in his belief that the church should not give up the tradition of a celibate priesthood.’
      • ‘Grobler was unmoved by the outburst and maintained that the switch offered Team GB the better chance of procuring the ultimate reward.’
      steadfast, firm, unshaken, staunch, unwavering, unswerving, undeviating, uninfluenced, determined, resolute, decided, resolved, inflexible, unbending, implacable, adamant
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