Definition of unmothered in English:



  • Deprived of or without a mother or maternal care.

    ‘when these unmothered monkeys finally became mothers their behaviour towards their offspring was unmaternal’
    • ‘This displaced mourning makes the unmothered daughter assume the burden of the mother's disowned grief.’
    • ‘Estes leads us past the gates of the conscious mind, to discover the unmothered child within.’
    • ‘The Wakley Mesh Mothering Pen is a specially designed cage that helps match unmothered lambs with foster mums.’
    • ‘In personal relationships, the wounded and unmothered inner child collapses very easily if not attended to.’
    • ‘And he turns his back to the stable door, whence a faint breeze tugs at his shirt: the breath of a storm brewing, that means to keep him in cold, unmothered wakefulness.’