Definition of unmorality in English:



  • See unmoral

    • ‘What of the unmorality of taking Kansas and Nebraska from the Indians?’
    • ‘He saw that most of them, in common with their cast-off priestcraft, could not escape from the delusion that life has a meaning apart from that which men dream into it; and could not lay aside the crude notion of ethics and obligations beyond those of beauty, even when all Nature shrieked of its unconsciousness and impersonal unmorality in the light of their scientific discoveries.’
    • ‘The theory of the unmorality of art has established itself firmly in the strictly artistic classes.’
    • ‘The workers, as a class, are being more and more segregated by their economic masters; and this process, with its jamming and overcrowding, tends not so much towards immorality as unmorality.’
    • ‘And with the slogan ‘We must not erect any truth into a master over ourselves,’ Stirner erected his own theory of the unmorality of the Ego and its isolation from social forces.’