Definition of unmixed blessing in English:

unmixed blessing


  • usually with negative A situation having advantages and no disadvantages.

    ‘motherhood is not an unmixed blessing’
    • ‘While this is generally considered a sign of great progress, it is not an unmixed blessing.’
    • ‘This should not be taken to mean that celibacy is an unmixed blessing.’
    • ‘The flourishing of such commissions and councils has been valuable in many respects, but it has not been an unmixed blessing.’
    • ‘For example, when Barber discusses the assistance that siblings render to one another in hunter-gatherer societies, he writes, ‘Such help is not always an unmixed blessing because of rivalry between siblings.’’
    • ‘The second problem is Egan's claim that progressive educators regard literacy and rationality as unmixed blessings.’
    • ‘From an economic standpoint, patents are not an unmixed blessing.’
    • ‘Desperate as the position appeared, neither the Soviet nor even the US entry into the war appeared unmixed blessings for the UK.’
    • ‘What, however, Walter appears to miss - at any rate she shows no critical hesitation over it - is that belief in human perfectibility is, to put it gently, not an unmixed blessing.’
    • ‘Is it really an unmixed blessing of contemporary capitalism that fewer and fewer Americans can count on a lifetime job with health care and a pension?’
    • ‘Children are not an unmixed blessing, and I would quickly disabuse any starry-eyed romantic who thinks otherwise’