Definition of unmixed in English:



  • Not mixed.

    ‘bold unmixed colours’
    • ‘The value of any color in its pure, unmixed state.’
    • ‘Mixed or unmixed fabric, stitched or unstitched, embroidered or unembroidered, and draped or fitted adorned the bodies of monarchs, priests, rebels, and commoners.’
    • ‘And the ascription of beauty is never unmixed with moral values.’
    • ‘My surprise was not unmixed with a certain degree of pride, for I realised that the ‘Not From Here’ label had peeled off me for good.’
    • ‘So I can't say that I look at the thing with unmixed feelings, but when a project has loomed over your life for so long, there is, for all that, a very good feeling about knowing that it's done, and you can move on to something else.’
    • ‘‘No advantages in this world,’ wrote Hume, ‘are pure and unmixed.’’
    • ‘One can imagine, for instance, concluding that a friend needs sympathy and help, unmixed with expressions of judgment about whether the friend behaved badly (at least if the behavior isn't too bad).’
    • ‘His paintings feature bright intensities of color, unique contrast, relationships of space and a palette of approximately 100 pure, unmixed acrylics.’
    • ‘Scoring was done as previously described in Figure 1B. Only the percentage of unmixed cytoplasms category is graphed.’
    • ‘First, Gordon and Jay mounded flour, made a hole in it, and dumped in a pinch of salt and then an egg. Jay's mix came out a bit unmixed, and Gordon slammed his hand into it and sent a cloud of unmixed flour into the air.’
    • ‘Or on their own, searching for a place of inner security Chereau's characters swirl about on the empty stage like individual floating particles in an unmixed substance.’
    • ‘Up close, the jumble of marks and bright unmixed colors is almost incomprehensible, but when viewed from a distance the floral images coalesce and gain structure.’
    • ‘At this time his work showed a love of pure colour typical of the movement; often he used unmixed paint squeezed straight from the tube.’
    • ‘So if some asshole from a recording studio leaks my unfinished, unmixed and uneven album, consider it a personal triumph.’
    • ‘But for the most part observers tend to see so-called exotic peoples as wholly other and to regard as pure and unmixed their motives and responses.’
    • ‘But exiled Iraqi poet Awad Nasir's essay on the liberation of Iraq is an unmixed pleasure.’
    • ‘And so am I. After ten days of Welsh countryside, unseasonal sunshine and happy ignorance of the mayhem in Israel, I cannot say that it is an unmixed pleasure to reconnect to the wider world.’
    • ‘Was this the man whose escapades as a young tea planter had once been the subject of discussion among his contemporaries who would look upon him with admiration not unmixed with a tinge of envy?’
    • ‘Worse, the fact that biopics are structured as heroic romance makes the possibility of dramatic interpretation of character more remote: the knights of romance embody noble ideals and elicit only unmixed reactions.’
    • ‘They throw on the nearly completed album - unmixed and untitled - and it sounds fantastic.’
    absolute, unqualified, unconditional, categorical, complete, total, thoroughgoing, downright, outright, utter, out-and-out, unadulterated, unalloyed, undiluted, untempered, unmoderated, unmodified, unabated, undiminished, unmollified, unsoftened, unredeemed, unambiguous, unequivocal, veritable, perfect, consummate, pure, sheer, rank, in every way, positive, real, deep-dyed
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