Definition of unmissed in English:



  • 1Not missed by other people.

    ‘a family with an absent, unmissed father’
    • ‘Police are investigating how the body lay undiscovered and unmissed in a meadow after he was killed in the unnoticed parachuting tragedy.’
    • ‘It's unlikely she went unmissed by her ex though, particularly due to her backless and very sexy red dress.’
    • ‘I'd like to know what's wrong with the parents that their 9 year-old can go unmissed for so long.’
    • ‘While everyone was going crazy trying to put it out, he would be able to creep about uninterrupted and unmissed.’
    • ‘He would have ended up in a numbered, anonymous grave, along with hundreds of other people forgotten and unmissed.’
    • ‘Students in the reserved category didn't just drop off the radar unnoticed and unmissed.’
  • 2with negative Unnoticed.

    ‘the marketing potential of the two sports stars didn't go unmissed’
    • ‘And straight talk is just what these characters like to avoid, though they are also forever explaining themselves, in order that no point go unmissed.’
    • ‘Any slacking would not go unpunished or unmissed.’
    • ‘Their live vocals are combined with loops and echoes, which means the lack of a band or backing track goes completely unmissed.’
    • ‘He has qualities about him which suggest that this wasn't going to go unmissed by the authorities.’
    • ‘The implications of this should not go unmissed: any public contemplation of ditching one of the proudest achievements of modern feminism in the name of liberal tax reform would be explosive.’