Definition of unmindful in English:



  • Not conscious or aware.

    ‘Danielle seemed unmindful of her parents' plight’
    • ‘Mainstream distributors are unmindful of the huge dedication that composers still bring to the genre, breathing new life into classic works by directors such as Chaplin, Keaton, Eisenstein and Gance.’
    • ‘Apparently unmindful of Mercer's crack about the fries, fast-food giant McDonald's was also beguiled by the song and approached the Shins to use it in a television commercial, for French fries.’
    • ‘You can see many, many examples of a slow, but steady progress and at the same time, we're not unmindful for a minute of the losses of our own men and women in uniform and those that are injured.’
    • ‘Each in his respective operations must never be unmindful of them, lest he invite ‘government to be destructive of these ends.’’
    • ‘Many people were unmindful that the foundation for economic recovery from the ‘bust’ of the late 1980s was laid by the NAR and PNM regimes.’
    • ‘The multimillion-dollar question: do you stick to your knitting, unmindful of all the e-hubbub, or do you join the dotcom fever you can't lick?’
    • ‘You were unmindful of the Rock that bore you; you forgot the God who gave you birth.’
    • ‘‘We are not unmindful of the dangers to human health and to life itself, and we will bring the full rigours of the law against anyone who is apprehended,’ the spokesman added.’
    • ‘He began to work relentlessly unmindful of his health.’
    • ‘Yet, unmindful of the calumny and criticism heaped on her by an uncharitable press and a still more uncharitable society, MS bravely travelled that long and difficult road from Madurai to Rashtrapathi Bhavan.’
    • ‘Lapsing into Kerryspeak, the senator goes on to recount that he was ‘not unmindful of this duality of meanings’ when his campaign adopted Hughes's phrase.’
    • ‘Even myself, whose interest in matters maritime is limited to say the very least, is not unmindful of the tourism boost the provision of a modern marina would provide for our town.’
    • ‘Both the countries are unmindful of the consequences of a war, oblivious of a conventional war turning into a nuclear one as both the Third World poverty-stricken nations possess the demonic nuclear weapons.’
    • ‘Apparently unmindful of its own shortcomings, the RBA points a finger at entrepreneurial excesses and regulatory oversights of others.’
    • ‘It's also interesting to see Jiro next to Ichiro, who looks just like Jiro but doesn't have the Gemini chip, making him reckless, uncaring, and unmindful of the presence of others.’
    • ‘The fresh air really helps,’ says Anjali, a homemaker from Indiranagar, unmindful of the crowd at the park.’
    • ‘In the eyes of the elderly, youngsters are often seen to be wastrels who are frittering away their time in frivolous pursuits, unmindful of precious time slipping away inexorably.’
    • ‘The government, NGOs and the people have to work equally to eradicate the perpetrators of terror in the name of religion unmindful of whether it is the majority community that is being threatened or any of the minority communities.’
    • ‘Many people, including the educated, are unmindful of or oblivious to the disturbance they cause to others while speaking over their cellphones.’
    • ‘‘We are not unmindful of the costs of anything in government,’ he said, following a meeting with US special envoy Richard Haass.’
    heedless of, taking no notice of, paying no heed to, careless of, disregardful of, regardless of, unheeding of, neglectful of, unconscious of, oblivious to, inattentive to, blind to, deaf to
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