Definition of unmetered in English:



  • 1Not measured or assessed by means of a meter.

    ‘unmetered data’
    ‘unmetered access to streaming services’
    ‘a supply of unmetered electricity’
    • ‘In the US, unmetered access is the norm and a handful of ISPs, including Freeserve and AltaVista, tried to replicate this model in the UK.’
    • ‘I began to be happy that I had an unmetered account with my ISP.’
    • ‘There has also been an adjustment to BT's wholesale unmetered Internet access charges for the period from August 1 2001 until May 31 2002.’
    • ‘There is no cost because the council is on an unmetered charge.’
    • ‘What's this from Oftel's stunningly interesting document Review of the wholesale unmetered narrowband Internet termination market, consultation - 17 March 2003?’
    • ‘The second option was to use British Telecoms proprietary unmetered tariff, BT Surftime.’
    • ‘Remember that when the web started, most Internet access was unmetered: you paid a low monthly fee no matter how long you used the service.’
    • ‘It was these two who won the concessions on wholesale unmetered Net access.’
    • ‘These CLECs are offering flat-rate plans with totally unmetered local and long-distance calls, and it is driving the ILECs crazy.’
    • ‘From 16 December Telefónica UK will no longer supply unmetered and dial-up wholesale narrowband services.’
    • ‘Problems first arose in the 1980s but despite continual breakdowns it was favoured by most elderly tenants because it supplied unmetered heat and hot water.’
    • ‘Christian Aid estimates that an additional $4 billion in unmetered oil export revenue was sold off under the counter to coalition cronies.’
    • ‘Both AOL Flat Rate and Freeserve AnyTime are based on the wholesale unmetered access product, FRIACO, which caps telco costs for ISPs.’
    • ‘And it also wants to see tighter regulation to force Kingston Communications to offer wholesale unmetered Internet products in a bid to introduce competition and choice for punters in Hull.’
    • ‘The boss of a Basingstoke-based ISP has slammed Britain's wholesale unmetered Net access product, FRIACO, as a ‘national disgrace’.’
    • ‘In the US, Internet service providers initially started charging by the minute, but by about 1997 unmetered service became standard.’
    • ‘But even if one allows for the gradual introduction of minimal, or totally unmetered phone charges, one has to question how many more eyeballs are there to be captured.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, Oftel has still to rule on proposals to impose a 7 per cent cut in BT's wholesale charge for unmetered Internet access.’
    • ‘Affinity says that as the wholesale costs for unmetered dial-up access fall throughout the year it should give it greater room for improved margins.’
    • ‘BTopenworld is ditching its 24/7 unmetered dial-up service, according to insiders.’
    1. 1.1 Not supplied or fitted with a meter.
      ‘an unmetered taxi’
  • 2US Not cancelled or franked using a postage meter.

    ‘agents warned the public to be on the alert for unmetered packages’