Definition of unmerchantable in English:



  • Not suitable for purchase or sale.

    ‘sufficiently serious defects can render even a second-hand car unmerchantable’
    • ‘But for the 99 per cent, the 95 per cent or the 90 per cent that never exhibit any defective operation the precautionary principle is something which simply, though reasonable to follow, does not render a product unmerchantable.’
    • ‘Yet like most Nova Scotian contractors, New Arch was getting into more mixed-wood stands, as well as stands with more underbrush and unmerchantable stems.’
    • ‘And what happens if a council that is supplying water is told that its water is of unmerchantable quality, and that it is liable to be fined?’
    • ‘The cargo was not properly cared for and Comaco or those entitled to Comaco's rights have suffered loss in that they paid the agreed price to Reybanpac for merchantable bananas which in fact were unmerchantable.’
    • ‘It is understood that the sellers liability in respect of defective or otherwise unmerchantable goods shall not at any time extend beyond the actual price paid for such goods.’