Definition of unmelodious in English:



  • Not melodious; discordant.

    ‘an unmelodious chorus of horns’
    • ‘Not to mention the unmelodious and meaningless songs they parrot.’
    • ‘It made me realise why advertising tunelets are called ‘jingles,’ because it is jingling like a cluster of unmelodious bells in my brain.’
    • ‘Then they tell me: ‘But when we go to the Shanghai Concert Hall, we hear mostly unmelodious noise which turns us off completely.’’
    • ‘For the chorus, as throughout, she's joined by the unmelodious voices of the revellers.’
    • ‘‘As soon as the sled is brought out,’ wrote Bannister in the Alaska Geographic Quarterly, ‘the dogs gather round and, fairly dancing with excitement, raise their voices in about a dozen unmelodious strains.’’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the silence was broken by the most unmelodious voice in history.’
    grating, jarring, grinding, rasping, raspy, strident, raucous, brassy, jangling, metallic, ear-piercing, discordant, dissonant, disagreeable, unharmonious, cacophonous
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