Definition of unmelodic in English:



  • Not having a pleasing tune; discordant.

    ‘the songs are pompous, earnest, often unmelodic’
    • ‘This isn't a song but an unmelodic jumble of morbid nonsensical words without structure or a chorus.’
    • ‘A great deal of the singing is unmelodic to these Western ears.’
    • ‘"Dissonance" concentrates on the raw unmelodic potential of the electric guitar, reveling in its string pile-ups and escalatory flights of uncontrollable feedback chaos.’
    • ‘Rather unmelodic blocks of sound bump against one another, brutalizing the rhythm as it pushes through the song.’
    • ‘It is decidedly unmelodic, yet somehow catchy.’
    • ‘The piano comes in with an incredibly unmelodic chromatic skittering.’
    • ‘The song is no more than an abstract series of words and phrases over unmelodic piano and static for four minutes.’
    • ‘He didn't make life easy for himself by choosing a selection of rigorously unmelodic, rhythmically thorny music by Ligeti.’