Definition of unmeasurably in English:



  • See unmeasurable

    • ‘Ok, forget the film version with Leo Di Caprio, the book is unmeasurably cool, a blow-by-blow account of a drug addicted adolescence in late 1960's Manhattan by a guy who CAN write.’
    • ‘Statistical analyses that took several hours in 1990 (I used to leave my computer running overnight) now take unmeasurably small fractions of a second.’
    • ‘Bit of a riddle, that - unmeasurable corruption that makes us ‘take climate change (unmeasurably) more seriously.’’
    • ‘What has happened to this unmeasurably huge memory bank, the aural repertoire of 100s of different peoples?’
    • ‘They came up with a mask that means the cost is almost unmeasurably low.’