Definition of unmeant in English:



  • Not meant or intended.

    ‘an unmeant threat’
    • ‘The recognition then, I thought, was that the end work of art may be made of meant causes and unmeant causes interwoven in a deft and subtle fabric.’
    • ‘These poems are as heartless as birdsong, as unmeant as elm leaves, which if they love love only the wide blue sky and the air and the idea of elm leaves.’
    • ‘These facts can, of course, be brought to one's attention by unmeant gestures or inopportune intrusions.’
    • ‘I watched her for a moment and then resumed listening to Jean's unmeant comedy.’
    • ‘I just thought it an odd unmeant put-down by you at the end!’
    • ‘A young girl thinks it will never come, though when it does, things will be ruined and things unmeant may be said.’
    • ‘It is easy to perceive unmeant intents; such misperception occurs when the wrong guess is made, when the facts are made to fit the theory.’
    • ‘We quickly scrambled for our cars, mumbling unmeant thanks for a good time.’
    • ‘‘Here in Houston’ worked well enough, and so did ‘here in the lab,’ and even ‘here in this part of the lab,’ but ‘here in the vat’ always seemed merely an unmeant mental mouthing.’
    • ‘An adolescent Spanish girl floats prettily in a wavy fog of coppery pink and encarmined grey, from which approving sugar-almond cherubs emerge, with unmeant comic effect, to hoist her upwards.’
    • ‘In the worst case the mother gets crazy with the unmeant child in her body and never will come over it, the child grows up without real love that's actually supposed to come from his mum so life will be hard for it.’
    • ‘It is very difficult to express emotions in email or news; your joking comment appear to be very serious to the recipient and can lead to unmeant reactions or conflicts (flames); so use emoticons to express your intention.’
    • ‘Both also carry an unmeant subtext of exploitation.’
    fortuitous, chance, occurring by accident, occurring by chance, adventitious, fluky, coincidental, casual, serendipitous, random, aleatory
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