Definition of unmasked in English:



  • Not wearing a mask.

    ‘an unmasked gunman’
    • ‘The 42-year-old father-of-one was drinking in The Green Lizard pub on Francis Street when an unmasked man shot him in the head.’
    • ‘One of my friends said a while ago that it was dangerous, but I honestly don't think masked murderers, or even unmasked ones, would bother buzzing.’
    • ‘Hence the attack on Thursday on Our Lady of Mercy Catholic school in the heart of loyalist Ballysillan - and the presence of an unmasked gunman.’
    • ‘A small group of unmasked protesters sat in front of the water cannon and held up their hands giving peace signs.’
    • ‘Mark Felt, FBI number two in the days of Watergate, could not give the kind of ringing declaration appropriate to an unmasked whistle-blower.’
    • ‘Always enjoyable, Timothy Spall is fantastically weasel-like as the unmasked Peter Pettigrew, every bit as loathsome as can be expected.’
    • ‘Read the first journalism collection The Great Shark Hunt or his penultimate, Kingdom Of Fear - Thompson sees America through unmasked eyes, and as a true American patriot, he despairs of what he sees.’
    • ‘The unmasked men were indifferent to the multiple CCTV cameras that monitor all movements in the complex and after a half hour search left, carrying a bundle of documents, without interference.’
    • ‘The unmasked man was described by Gardaí as being thin with a sallow complexion while the other men were described as being approximately 5 ft 9 in and heavily built.’
    • ‘After defeating Dr. Octopus, the unmasked Peter is able to appeal to the good person still inside him, acting as a catalyst that allows Dr. Octavius to reassert mental control over the A.I. tentacles.’
    • ‘In another incident at around 2 pm yesterday, Jamal Mercury was walking along Unity Road, a short distance where Fournillier was found, when an unmasked man walked up to him, whipped out a gun and shot him in the left leg.’
    • ‘In this first-hand account, we are allowed a field-day to view at will the unmasked faces of the principal politician - and what a pathetic sight they presented!’
    • ‘Hydrogen Guy, unmasked and hatless, sits on a pile of rock next to a demolished computer console - possibly it was the Spy Satellite Relay, it's hard to tell.’
    • ‘Richard had just finished work and was with a colleague in the car park when a group of unmasked, armed men shoved them into a car, which sped off.’
    • ‘But the action really worth watching will unfurl where delegates and lobbyists come face to face with actual unmasked New Yorkers, who will demand accountability.’
    • ‘‘This is the unmasked face of America,’ said Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, quoted by the official Islamic Republic News Agency.’
    • ‘The unmasked attacker followed suit with a fatal knife blade to Johannes's gut, then heaved him around and slammed him against a nearby wall, repeatedly.’