Definition of unmannerliness in English:



  • See unmannerly

    • ‘Beware of high-speed motor cycles weaving through traffic, tail-enders with flashing headlights, and drivers whose aggressive gestures suggest a frustrated manliness expressed by unmannerliness.’
    • ‘The Latins there were vexed with his apparent unmannerliness.’
    • ‘Stupidity is a bad quality: but to be unable to put up with it, to be vexed and ground down by it (as happens to me) is another, hardly worse in its unmannerliness than stupidity… Any man may speak truly: few men can speak ordinately, wisely, adequately.’
    • ‘At last there is official recognition of New Jersey's unmannerliness in emptying its housekeeping slops into New York's front yard.’
    • ‘But if unmannerliness were the sum of Stella's faults, patriarchy would not be as threatened by her as it evidently is, nor demand such a drastic restitution as the renunciation of her child.’