Definition of unmannered in English:



  • Not affected or artificial in style.

    ‘I warmed to his fresh and unmannered account of this Concerto’
    • ‘Best known is Sylvia Sidney playing Rose in what is an exceedingly natural and unmannered fashion.’
    • ‘Skidmore directs with unmannered affection for this music and the result is as smooth as one now expects from this partnership.’
    • ‘By the standards of their day, of course, the Oliviers and Gielguds were invigoratingly unmannered and natural; as acting evolved around them, their vintage became noticeable.’
    • ‘Kim Bodnia, Mikael Persbrandt and Maria Bonnevie deliver naturalistic, largely unmannered performances that give their characters a warts-and-all credulity.’
    • ‘To achieve the Grand Manner, the subject should be grandiose, the treatment generalized, the concept intellectual, and the style unmannered.’
    natural, unlaboured, easy, unaffected, unforced, uncontrived, unstilted, unpretentious, without airs, artless, guileless, informal, casual, nonchalant, spontaneous, impromptu, ad lib
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