Definition of unmanned in English:



  • Not having or needing a crew or staff.

    ‘an unmanned level crossing’
    • ‘The local television station was broadcasting from the local Republican headquarters, and its phone banks were unmanned.’
    • ‘The Border Patrol is relying mostly on improved technology, such as remote sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, and better identification systems to combat the terrorist threat.’
    • ‘That was back in 1965 when earth's first unmanned mission to Mars snapped 22 grainy photos of the red planet.’
    • ‘This is only a part of an extensive campaign to highlight precautionary measures to be taken while crossing unmanned level crossings,’ he says.’
    • ‘‘America the Vulnerable’: the federal government will not adequately staff our border patrol, claiming unmanned aircraft can do the job.’
    • ‘In addition, this is one of the things that will be talked a lot about, is the fact that one of the towers at the prison was unmanned near where the escape took place.’
    • ‘The officer said that this time, if the CPO did not meet their demands, public pharmacies nationwide would again be left unmanned next week.’
    • ‘It also serves in the capacity of deploying unmanned underwater vehicles from it, and it's been an experimental vessel for the Navy's efforts to develop a mine warfare modular system of responding to mine countermeasures.’
    • ‘Captivating: a model of the Nishant unmanned aerial vehicle and one of the Prithvi missile launch vehicle. - Photos: Sampath Kumar G.P.’
    • ‘The president wants to establish a permanent moon base and a launch pad that could be used from there to launch first unmanned exploration of Mars and Jupiter's moons.’
    • ‘The NIE concluded (also falsely) that Iraq was developing unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to hit the United States with biological weapons.’
    • ‘A dying taxi driver spent hours aboard an ambulance travelling from Wexford to Cork because the CT scanner in the hospital to which he was first admitted was unmanned.’
    • ‘Baxter's book was fiction, but we're seeing the same trade-off now in NASA's decision to cancel further unmanned missions and bring down the Hubble space telescope in order to spend more money on manned spaceflight development.’
    • ‘The desk is never unmanned for any longer than a minute at most, and we pick and choose the moments we leave it.’
    • ‘In the first six months of the program, unmanned aerial vehicles helped catch over 1,200 illegal aliens, and they also helped track down nearly 3,000 pounds of marijuana.’
    • ‘There are also new tools, like the Predator unmanned surveillance planes, which the United States could make available to the inspectors if it chooses to do so.’
    • ‘While I am all in favour of the deployment of Northrop Grumman's Tactical Amphibious Ground Support unmanned vehicle I cannot help but imagine a world where the last humans take shelter from the machines.’
    • ‘We had been collecting information for months through unmanned aerial vehicles, human intelligence, and Special Forces probes.’
    • ‘There are 21792 unmanned and 16549 manned level crossings.’
    • ‘It points out that this may be due to the extra services now available within communities for tackling drugs and alcohol misuse or to the fact that some callers contact the helpline when the telephone is unmanned and don't leave a message.’