Definition of unmaintained in English:



  • Not kept in good condition.

    ‘unmaintained buildings now on the verge of collapse’
    • ‘The paths were unmaintained.’
    • ‘Badly drained, unmaintained and over-used, most of them were in such poor condition that matches often had to be abandoned.’
    • ‘The citizens of those countries understand the hazards of unmaintained chimneys, and their chimney sweeps are regular members of their home safety team.’
    • ‘We had been driving along beside an undistinguished fringe of unmaintained deciduous wood, when the trees suddenly exploded into colour.’
    • ‘The unmaintained tarmac turns into gravel and dirt, while the sparse houses have become more scattered.’
    • ‘We noticed a place with several cars pulled off the shoulder of the road, people walking in and out along an unmaintained road.’
    • ‘The facilities are unsecured, unmanaged and unmaintained, opening the door to vandalism.’
    • ‘It's been removed, after six months of sitting in an unmaintained, broken state.’
    • ‘The external fire escapes to the first floor flats at the rear of the blocks were generally unmaintained’
    • ‘One day he was accompanied by two, three, maybe even four friends: healthy, smart-looking friends with thick, vigorously unmaintained hair, like actors in a Woody Allen movie.’
    • ‘The unmaintained trail down to the sand is steep and a little eroded, but once down you will probably be the only one on the sand.’
    • ‘I'm used to ugly concrete and unmaintained greenery and even uglier adverts along the roads.’
    • ‘Unmaintained, the artificial islands designed as millionaires playpens have begun to sink beneath the sea.’
    • ‘Prime restoration tracts are often isolated, with unmaintained access roads or no roads at all.’
    • ‘Once the logged area is replanted, the access roads are left unmaintained until the timber matures and is ready for harvesting again.’
    • ‘The local garage has a regular throughput of cherished - but determinedly unmaintained - bangers to sort out.’
    • ‘Buildings unmaintained for decades are getting belated make-overs.’
    • ‘Many buildings of considerable architectural quality stood unlet and unmaintained.’
    • ‘It's 64 miles of unmaintained dirt road built on an old railroad bed.’
    • ‘Once through the checkpoint, you'll bump along a maze of rocky, unmaintained roads into the dry Caribbean mesquite forest.’
    run down, derelict, dilapidated, tumbledown, ramshackle, untended
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