Definition of unmaidenly in English:



  • Not befitting or characteristic of a young, sexually inexperienced woman.

    ‘good, if she is shocked by my unmaidenly behaviour, she will not inquire too deeply into my motives’
    • ‘Her cheeks were rosy with the effort to say what she meant without seeming unmaidenly.’
    • ‘Curtin's sometimes unmaidenly tone is not ideal but works well most of the time.’
    • ‘Her bonnet wasn't big enough to hide her face, and she feared he might think the joy it betrayed unmaidenly.’
    • ‘Equally bucolic and perhaps even more liable to misunderstanding was the unmaidenly custom of peeping through keyholes before opening doors on Valentine's Day.’
    • ‘Pehlya clasped a hand over her mouth to hold back a very unmaidenly oath.’
    • ‘Grooms often had to fight off over protective brothers because she wanted to be kidnapped, but to go willingly was considered unmaidenly.’
    • ‘Note that we were only allowed to say that ‘Kissing Mr Carr is unmaidenly behaviour.’’
    • ‘Callisto was at the same time flattered and perplexed; still more disconcerted when the pseudo-Diana interrupted her girlish chatter with unmaidenly kisses and embraces.’
    • ‘Her conscious self is appalled by the sensual abandonment of her unconscious self, which she feels to be unmaidenly and un-English, and which was brought on by thoughts of the man she loves.’
    • ‘Her elderly husband took a shine to her peculiar ways and allowed her to do most unmaidenly things, such as learning how to use a sword.’
    • ‘The remainder continue their unmaidenly journey in search of husbands, whom they find waiting in cheerful readiness in almost any marsh.’
    • ‘Not to mention all the unmaidenly language.’
    • ‘Claudio cruelly accused his wife-to-be of unmaidenly behaviour, leaving her fainting at the altar.’
    • ‘The unmaidenly heroine of his novel is a French-American, Nicole Coche-Dury, who with her fiancé Sean visits her family in the region.’
    • ‘In the poem, goblins sell a young woman magical fruit that sickens her with passion and leads to unmaidenly acts such as licking sticky fruit juices from her sister's body.’
    • ‘The person thus accosting Nydia was a lady of a handsome but a bold and unmaidenly countenance: it was Julia, the daughter of Diomed.’
    • ‘Manet's Olympia, one of the masterpieces of Realist painting, depicts unmistakably and shockingly a modern Parisienne… Olympia's challenging and unmaidenly stare no doubt had a great deal to do with the moral outrage which greeted the picture when it was first shown.’
    • ‘There were also the protests of her friends who said that she must on no account set forth upon an adventure so rash and so unmaidenly; observations which made her all the more eager to go.’