Definition of unmade in English:



  • 1(of a bed) not having the bedclothes arranged tidily ready for sleeping in.

    ‘exhausted, he collapsed on the unmade bed’
    • ‘In the past, winners of the prestigious (as everyone short of an adjective refers to it) prize have included such interesting items as unmade beds and pickled cows.’
    • ‘Her bed was unmade and her rug lumped with clothes.’
    • ‘Her bed was unmade and a pile of clothes was on the floor, which is so not Libby.’
    • ‘The two visit the empty houses of their good friends and leave the gifts there, woven amongst the foliage of house plants and resting on the pillows of unmade beds.’
    • ‘He went upstairs to the master bedroom and sat on the edge of the unmade bed.’
    • ‘The meticulous arrangements of fabric are as far from an unmade bed as you can imagine, and they pack a double punch.’
    • ‘Her eyes traveled longingly to her large, unmade bed that she wouldn't sleep on for another month are two, at least.’
    • ‘She left behind her what one friend called ‘a trail of unmade beds.’’
    • ‘After a moment, which actually is an hour later in reality, John felt absolutely exhausted and wanted to throw his body onto his unmade bed.’
    • ‘The skirt is deliberately like that - all bunched up like an unmade bed, ready to show the world a flash of her granny girdle.’
    • ‘The idea was to make the title of the record the complete opposite of the cover of the album [where Kemmis is portrayed sitting on an unmade bed in a dingy hotel room].’
    • ‘It was a standard room, modified by sloppy use: a sweaty, unmade bed and square table, both cluttered with newspapers and magazines.’
    • ‘I walked past the unmade bunk beds and clothes laying all over the floor.’
    • ‘I took the photo with the cards propped up on my unmade bed.’
    • ‘During the strike, even high rollers in Atlantic City's casino hotels slept in unmade beds and ate with plastic forks as managers stepped in to serve them.’
    • ‘Tracey Emin won fame in 1999 with her unmade bed surrounded by soiled underpants, condoms and champagne corks.’
    • ‘And because I was a dork and didn't do it right away when I took the clean sheets out of the dryer, my bed is unmade.’
    • ‘I didn't want my unmade bed to be what people saw, so we bought the room divider.’
    • ‘There are jars of tea leaves, a basketball, an unmade bed, desk, shelf, mirror on the mantelpiece.’
    • ‘He found that the master bedroom to be in chaos, with an unmade bed and clothes scattered everywhere.’
  • 2British (of a road) without a hard, smooth surface.

    ‘they reached a stretch of unmade road’
    • ‘A turn here, a turn there, some miles on unmade roads, and down a steep track to Waller's camp.’
    • ‘Well, there's no reef at El Gouna itself, so each morning would-be divers climb into a minibus and head off down a dusty unmade road to a small scruffy dock where Dive Tribe's day-boats await.’
    • ‘Tarmac lane with short steep section leads on to rough unmade road.’
    • ‘Local firm Chestnut Developments had wanted to build in the gardens and surface the unmade lane.’
    • ‘Residents fed up with drivers using their unmade street as a rat run have joined forces to stop the problem.’