Definition of unluckily in English:



  • See unlucky

    • ‘Luckily or unluckily for them, they have tremendous love for everybody around them.’
    • ‘There is a world of difference between the Utd, that was on view that day and the one, that unluckily lost to Arsenal today on penalties.’
    • ‘Luckily - unluckily for the people before us, he had try to do get somebody else's car and there were already police after him, so there was a bunch of emergency…’
    • ‘Talking on radio in midweek, he made the point that there was no problem in administering the drugs in question out of competition and made the comparison to an athlete unluckily testing positive after using a cough bottle.’
    • ‘Carrick Troop, unluckily brought down last time, has decent claims in the TFM Cyntergy Handicap Chase, while the RPS Group Handicap Hurdle offers Konker the opportunity to get back on the winning trail.’