Definition of unlovability in English:


(also unloveability)


  • See unlovable

    • ‘Schoon's book, by contrast, has a lot of grainy black-and-white photos to show the increasingly tatty state of the cities, and the unlovability of the out-of-town dwellings sold by members of the House-Builders' Federation.’
    • ‘He saw that if a woman rejected him, it was because of her fears rather than because of his inadequacy or unlovability.’
    • ‘No experience of suffering, of loneliness or of unlovability we may have gone through or may yet go through can ever destroy that capacity.’
    • ‘The city then was reeling from a perception of unlive- and unloveability but was fighting back with a massive PR campaign.’
    • ‘And sentimentality plays its part; compared to the rote admissions of insecurity and unlovability by showbiz types, there is something rather touching about these pitch gladiators' self-awareness.’