Definition of unlooked in English:



unlooked for
  • Unexpected; unforeseen.

    ‘in his family he found unlooked-for happiness’
    • ‘Despite this he remained not only ‘missing’ but unlooked for and was allowed to keep his rifle - before unloading it on bus No 165 in Shfaram's Druze neighbourhood.’
    • ‘With the unlooked for assistance of the Americainian Indians, the feathery hordes were eventually beaten back.’
    • ‘False Spring was my muse for all this refusal of damage as the heart rises in unlooked for sunlight… the blinds flap at the open window light pleating through on the floor’
    • ‘The sun burst through in unlooked for directions,’
    • ‘‘This surprise was unlooked for’ he smiled as he accepted her gifts.’
    • ‘And that will lie in times and places unlooked for.’
    • ‘Here is the unlooked for affirmation, a new physics in which smoke ‘stands’ while windows ‘stream’ and brick is ‘white’ and ‘fireproof; or else/it isn't'. And of course, there is the platitude: ‘no smoke without fire’.’
    • ‘They arrived unlooked for to find the steward and few other servants that remained on to tend the estate.’
    • ‘It is a ‘feminist proclivity,’ they write, ‘to astonish by presenting what previously remained not only unseen but unlooked for in mainstream culture.’’
    • ‘Things come out of the blue that are unanticipated, unlooked for - neither dreamt of nor ambitiously sought after.’
    • ‘This detriment can, I think, best be characterised as the acceptance or continuance of an unlooked for credit risk.’
    • ‘Oh, Lord, I thank you for this unlooked for bounty that you have seen fit to bestow on me.’
    • ‘‘Your father is alive and well, Prince Vincent. ‘Murasaki smiled as hope unlooked for dawned upon the distraught boy.’’
    unexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, not bargained for, unhoped-for, unsought, undreamed of, unpredicted
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