Definition of unlock the land in English:

unlock the land


  • Release Crown land to be used for small farms.

    ‘the administration would press forward with legislation to unlock the land’
    • ‘Advocates of "unlocking the land" faced formidable obstacles.’
    • ‘Policies were adopted to unlock the land as part of the reforms seen as essential to equalize people in a liberal society.’
    • ‘The champions of this legislation saw it as a means of "unlocking the land" from wealthy squatters.’
    • ‘Colonial governments answered this call in their 1860s development rhetoric of "unlocking the land".’
    • ‘Increasingly she used her renown to intervene publicly on a range of issues, including "unlocking the lands" of pastoralists.’
    • ‘Campaigning to unlock the lands, he attacked the pastoralists' "ruinous monopoly".’
    • ‘The group took over only weeks before councillors voted to unlock the land.’
    • ‘The movement to unlock the lands and settle them with small farmers was, in part, a demand for the abolition of official privilege.’
    • ‘Demands for unlocking the lands emerged as the main opposition to the market-based nostrums of liberal political economy.’
    • ‘In the early years of responsible government, much of the legislatures' efforts were taken up with the stated objective of "unlocking the land".’