Definition of unloader in English:



  • See unload

    • ‘Two continuous ship unloaders will be relocated to the new jetty and upgraded to permit dual operation.’
    • ‘This is a truly Stakhanovite effort, by all the maintainers, the pilots, the fuellers and unloaders, and by Air Traffic Control.’
    • ‘It was completed in 1930, with two coal dumpers and dock space, as well as an ore dock with three Hewlett unloaders.’
    • ‘But Judge Hyam, the Recorder of London, told Watson: ‘If you had been successful, suspicion would have fallen on innocent people - loaders and unloaders.’’
    • ‘All three had volunteered to go up as unloaders for the aerial dropping of supplies at Myola and there is a note in Parer's papers about the planes on the airstrip being parked wingtip to wingtip.’