Definition of unliving in English:



  • Not living.

    • ‘Well, apart from Jason, he could've demanded the crown for himself as the oldest and only still unliving Prince at London.’
    • ‘It is an unliving, unholy thing filled only with stuffing.’
    • ‘The demon's carcass had faded away into nothingness after it had landed in the fire, rendered unliving by the sheer power of the elf's blow.’
    • ‘One dearly departed soul legend, and three dead New York punks are unliving proof that sometimes well-timed deaths can be the best thing for your career.’
    • ‘But as word spreads throughout the worldwide community of the unliving, it'll create a very real vibe that women everywhere will subconsciously understand and immediately heed.’
    • ‘Your body, now, it was dead, but not completely, vampirism put it into a kind of neutral state, unliving but undeteriorating, so that when you returned you were able to get back inside.’
    • ‘His voice was dripping venom, and had an unliving, doomed quality to it.’
    • ‘It is my duty to lay to rest all unliving beings that still walk to Proper Rest.’
    • ‘In these three novels by Morrison as well, revolutionary possibilities inhere in the unsaying, in the unliving, and in the mutinous refusal to forget.’
    • ‘The sound we, the audience, make operates as the sonic equivalent of a found object: the unpredictable and anomalous signal that interacts with twenty-two recorded voices to produce an unliving sonic collage.’
    • ‘She made Woman and set her upon the earth, calling her Rahenia - The First - making her the ruler of all that is living and unliving.’
    • ‘Now I'm all for dirges, and The Walkmen play them well, but there's a reason dirges are heard at funerals - they're hymnals for the dead, aural representations of the unliving.’
    • ‘I fear it may have taken the microorganisms from all these Dumpsters, though in this polar clime who can discern the unliving from the merely dead?’
    • ‘The trouble is, very few wizards can use the energy of unliving things without years of study.’
    • ‘There is a monster snaking along the edges of this nation, creating a massive chalk outline that divides the good from the bad, the living from the unliving.’
    • ‘The unliving elf announced, ‘He is called Calanthas.’’