Definition of unliquidated in English:



  • (of a debt) not cleared or paid off.

    • ‘The nature of a claim for unliquidated damages is wholly different.’
    • ‘The Debtors have entered into settlement agreements involving many of the largest unliquidated claims.’
    • ‘In contrast the claim against PW is for unliquidated damages for professional negligence.’
    • ‘Appleby said he would ‘closely examine any cases of suspected unliquidated insolvent companies coming to his attention’.’
    • ‘The remainder of the holdings will be divided between the two groups upon resolution of unliquidated claims.’
    • ‘In due course judgment was entered against the company for £12, 388.50 and costs and the claim thus became a claim for that liquidated claim and a further unliquidated sum for costs.’
    • ‘I am surprised you say having a vested interest in a constituted trust fund is not an advantage, as distinct from an unliquidated claim, a common money claim.’
    • ‘The issue raised is much more in the nature of a counterclaim for unliquidated damages.’
    • ‘Does not the wording of s 82 suggest rather that for a claim in unliquidated damages to be included in the general release of a bankrupt's debts, a contract or promise must constitute an essential element of the relevant cause of action?’
    • ‘Appleby said the ODCE had targeted about 400 insolvent unliquidated companies and written to 30 or 40 of them.’
    • ‘In the Supreme Court of Western Australia, the applicant argued that the respondent's entitlement to call upon the undertaking did not extend to the subject matter of its claim, which was for unliquidated damages.’
    • ‘This note is of particular significance as it shows clearly that Mr Whitley accepted that he had never considered that Jarvis would be liable to pay unliquidated damages.’
    • ‘Inexact or unliquidated losses (although they are not presumed and therefore must be pleaded) are compensated by an award of general damages.’
    • ‘It remains unliquidated until the amount has been fixed either by the judgment of the court or by an agreement as to the amount which must be paid to satisfy the claim.’
    • ‘Mr. Zarnett submits that the principle applies not only to cross-claims for debt (liquidated or unliquidated) but to cross-claims for unliquidated damages as well.’
    • ‘It would not be equitable set-off because they are a mixture of liquidated and unliquidated damages that are not flowing from the same transaction.’
    • ‘They recommended in paragraph 786: that claims for unliquidated damages arising from tort should be admissible - and in footnote 18 referred to the way in which that might be effected, so far as the Bankruptcy Act was concerned.’
    • ‘Partial failure of consideration is a valid defence where a liquidated amount is involved; but it cannot be raised where the amount involved is unascertained or unliquidated.’
    • ‘Should the counterclaim by the defendants for unliquidated damages be stayed pending arbitration?’
    • ‘The claim being for unliquidated damages, the motion was required by Rule 19.05 to be supported by affidavit evidence.’