• 1with object Detach; separate.

    ‘she unlinked her arm to pull back her coat sleeve’
    • ‘Diana waved her off, and laughed, finally unlinking her arm with mine.’
    • ‘Each row is independent from the other, so you can unlink rows, or fold it up and put it away.’
    • ‘As we pull up outside my new residence, I unlink my fingers from Tobais' chest.’
    • ‘Tiff unlinked her arm from Jessie's and headed toward her math class.’
    • ‘She unlinked the boats and, hoping everyone, except the prisoners, had left the island, tied the five boats up separately to trees by the landing beach.’
    • ‘Only when the arm released it's grip was she able to unlink it from her waist.’
    unfasten, unbutton, unhook, untie, unlace
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  • 2as adjective unlinkedNot linked or connected; separate.

    ‘three previously unlinked murders’
    • ‘Can unlinked tales with recurrent names or places as motifs form a coherent whole between covers?’
    • ‘Display advertisements on The Tribune Online Edition can be placed in the form of linked / unlinked banners or panels.’
    • ‘Most respondents were unaware of unlinked anonymous testing of blood for HIV, and a substantial minority disagreed with such testing both for HIV and for other usually fatal diseases.’
    • ‘Could I have two separate, unlinked blogs where I post about Real Estate as a marketing tool in one, and post about how my clients can drive me crazy in a perfectly anonymous way in another?’
    • ‘Were candidate sites chosen from completely linked, partially linked, or unlinked regions of the genome?’
    • ‘The ratio of number of unlinked trips/distance travelled per person multiplied by 3 km has been used to determine the proportion of all passenger kilometres that are cold start.’
    • ‘The researchers stumbled upon an unlinked page, accidentally appended to the lobbyists' website.’
    • ‘We used results from the unlinked anonymous dried blood spot survey to estimate the number of births in England to women infected with HIV.’
    • ‘We expect that the pairs of unlinked markers will be linked as described in the map for the other sex when marker density increases.’
    • ‘Still, I had to laugh when Scott wrote that I shouldn't have criticized him for his unsourced, unlinked, but stronger original claim.’
    • ‘First, one would apply a clustering method to the unlinked markers to estimate the ancestry of the sampled individuals and the phenotype frequencies across subpopulations.’
    • ‘This approach is able to distinguish FRET between linked and unlinked Cerulean and Venus fluorescent proteins in living cells with a larger dynamic range than other approaches.’
    • ‘I had always assumed his unlinked reports came from secondary sources that were not on the web.’
    • ‘But even if these assumptions apply, different unlinked loci will vary widely in their histories.’
    • ‘Here's the unlinked part from today's Herald - Sun…’
    • ‘For both unlinked and partially linked loci, it is important to note that the coverage of the ABC 95% confidence intervals is always very good.’
    • ‘Since Channel 4 are not actually promoting this, just storing it on an unlinked page on their website, it's actually completely viral.’
    • ‘Well, today in another unlinked article - pointedly positioned under a picture of a mangled car - Monash's Ian Johnston gets the right of reply…’
    • ‘A set of 61 papers, representing 244 comparative studies, were identified in which at least one plant species was contained within another study, and in which no subsets of unlinked data arose.’
    • ‘We assumed that sampled individuals were genotyped at a series of unlinked microsatellite loci.’
    separate, unconnected, independent, unattached, unassociated, unlinked, unallied, distinct, discrete, individual, uncoupled
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