Definition of unlikeable in English:


(US unlikable)


  • (especially of a person) not likeable:

    ‘a thoroughly unlikeable bully’
    • ‘They all come off as well-meaning but ultimately unlikable guys.’
    • ‘Oates has the courage to create entire novels peopled by unlikeable characters.’
    • ‘Then I hightailed across town to see ‘King of Stains’ at Bats, where Gibby played the most unlikeable character ever, and so well!’
    • ‘The characters are unlikeable at the beginning, and, after they experience some minor plot-developments (almost all off-stage), they're still unlikeable at the end.’
    • ‘He's a deceitful, cowardly, treacherous and thoroughly unlikable man.’
    • ‘With the support of the ad agency's unlikeable owners, Greer delivers an ultimatum: book into detox or lose your cushy job.’
    • ‘Without question the most unlikeable person I've ever spoken to in a tech situation.’
    • ‘It is very difficult to write a book about essentially unlikeable characters but she manages to pull it off.’
    • ‘It's all a bunch of unlikable characters being cruel to each other.’
    • ‘And I know it's a hard call, because most sit-com characters are unlikable, unredeeming, shallow and one-dimensional.’
    • ‘And while he did allegedly insist on the rewrites that ensured he got the girl, he was happy to leave his character's unlikeable personality traits.’
    • ‘Phoebe would be an unbelievable, unlikable character if we didn't all know someone like her: accomplished, confident, quirky.’
    • ‘Stars are discouraged from playing unlikeable characters (and Tracy Flick was certainly that).’
    • ‘A diplomat's son, a photojournalist, a wealthy adventurer, a Peace Corps veteran - these are unlikeable characters, but affecting and recognizably products of a bloated yet dominant America.’
    • ‘The entire show is predicated on Mandy's naked contempt for the relentlessly unlikeable Billy.’
    • ‘Sarah is the most interesting element in this movie, but this is because she is a fundamentally unlikable character.’
    • ‘It's hard to make unlikable characters interesting, but Igby somehow has just the right tone of sly humor, just the right hint of cartoonish sincerity.’
    • ‘Some of the Coen magic is here, but the unlikable characters and the general atmosphere of despair and frustration make it tough to really enjoy.’
    • ‘The characters were so unlikable to me that I just didn't care about how tragic their situation was.’
    • ‘The series mined an area rich in comedy potential but it failed to win over its audience, possibly because, aside from the Hallidays, the remaining characters were genuinely unlikeable.’
    unlikable, unlovable, unattractive, disagreeable
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