Definition of unlighted in English:



  • Unlit.

    ‘a maze of unlighted passages’
    • ‘Tan was confined to a windowless, unlighted, unventilated storage room for 14 months.’
    • ‘Alexander could see the shadows passing in front of the lighted windows, and knew that unless another trade ship came in, no one was likely to see him walking alone in the unlighted street.’
    • ‘A white beacon let's you know it's an unlighted airport.’
    • ‘But like the stoves, they remained unlighted, cold, and black, smelling faintly of oil.’
    • ‘However the trees on the Main Street remain unlighted so far this year.’
    • ‘The refrigeration unit was unlighted, but seeds occasionally were exposed to light when the door was opened to remove or introduce other lots of seeds.’
    • ‘He was facing it (the lake) and held an unlighted cigarette in his hands.’
    • ‘He picked an unlighted torch off the wall and with a simple flick of his finger, ignited it.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, too many pilots have experienced serious accidents when they were misled by their senses and flew into the black of what they believe to be sky, only to find out that it was actually the black of an unlighted hillside.’
    • ‘Where we stayed there are no buses, no taxis, no trains, and the nearest pub is five miles away along unlighted, pitch-black roads.’
    • ‘Here and there were ornate iron braziers, now cold and unlighted.’
    • ‘Take one unlighted candle away to give to someone who needs a ray of light.’
    • ‘Davin's house was curiously quiet when I arrived, and I stood blinking at the unlighted windows while I contemplated the idea of a joke.’
    • ‘At night, select a route over illuminated areas rather than unlighted terrain.’
    • ‘If we had disagreed, we could have been left in the rain on an unlighted shoulder of a motorway.’
    • ‘They turned to the right, to the right again, walked a long way down a dark, unlighted hallway like a tunnel, and turned to the left through an open doorway.’
    • ‘Fire department and Aerospace Ground Equipment personnel cautioned about equipment placement in unlighted areas.’
    • ‘Late in the evening, Frank Cain is driving down an unlighted stretch of the main road into San Marcello, near Jensen Hill.’
    • ‘They found themselves in a dark unlighted space of unguessable size, but Jack judged by the sound of their echoing feet that it was a large chamber.’
    • ‘Telli, kneeling in the bows and paddling hard, failed to notice a third unlighted craft approaching until it was nearly upon them.’
    black, pitch-black, pitch-dark, inky, jet-black, unlit, unilluminated, ill-lit, poorly lit
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