Definition of unlet in English:



  • Not let or rented out.

    • ‘Property agents are focusing on the remaining unlet space.’
    • ‘Innkeepers complained of unlet rooms, and caterers of wasted supplies.’
    • ‘‘He worked out a rental value for himself, disregarding the Unit 3 rent but deducing a rent level from the existence of unlet premises and the alleged absence of demand’.’
    • ‘Big efforts have been made to keep national names in town and ensure the eyesore of unlet units is kept to a minimum.’
    • ‘A rent pool system has been put in place, whereby income is divided between owners to reduce the risk to an investor if their particular apartment remains completely or partially unlet.’
    • ‘In the boom and bust of the 1980s and early 1990s, property developers began lending spaces to artist-run initiatives, rather than let them lie fallow: this was a way of enlivening the shells of unlet buildings.’
    • ‘Under the terms of the acquisition, the developer has agreed to take a 20-year lease on any unlet space at #30 per sq ft.’
    • ‘There was also good news, with only around 1 in 5 landlords reporting any unlet periods in the past six months.’
    • ‘The number of unlet investment properties was on the rise.’
    • ‘Many of the homes to be demolished are boarded-up and unlet, but the news provoked a strong backlash among the many tenants who remain.’
    • ‘In these circumstances, the fund will not make payment to you for the development, and the property will remain unlet, with no income being received.’