Definition of unleash in English:



  • 1 Release (a dog) from a leash.

    ‘they dig up badger setts and unleash terriers into them’
    • ‘He lost everything when the mighty Jamuna river burst its banks, unleashing a torrent that engulfed his village.’
    • ‘If I were a family member or coach, I'd be wanting him to gradually employ that emotion rather than unleashing it from the first point.’
    • ‘Police were today hunting thugs who unleashed a pack of hunting dogs to kill deer in a National Trust park.’
    • ‘By then he and the BBC were refusing to capitulate as Mr Campbell unleashed a ferocious assault.’
    • ‘Police initiated the attack by unleashing their dogs and injuring several workers.’
    • ‘In fact, the show was responsible for unleashing my own long-suppressed inner clown.’
    • ‘Those slavering, defensive dogs will be unleashed on Frankfurt with a point to prove.’
    • ‘The police knew there was no simpler way to clear the cricket pitch than to unleash a couple of dogs on everyone.’
    • ‘Dogs left unleashed by their owners have wondered into his yard and left excrement.’
    • ‘US warplanes, by contrast, flew high above their targets, unleashing small numbers of bombs and missiles.’
    • ‘But who's to say that they might have been even better if they'd been unleashed on the free market.’
    • ‘A clutch of innovative jewellers, many of them British, has been instrumental in unleashing a revolution in gem taste.’
    • ‘Fergie spins on a sixpence and unleashes a ferocious right hook, which connects cleanly with Fowler's jaw, sending him flying into the crowd.’
    • ‘Have they been successful in unleashing weapons of mass destruction against us?’
    • ‘This could have meant unleashing terrorists in attacks on British and US targets or weapons of mass destruction or both.’
    • ‘John Sutton latched on to the loose ball, galloped forward and unleashed a firm drive into the top corner.’
    • ‘Chronic stress also unleashes an army of free radicals that damages body and brain cells.’
    • ‘The onslaught was unleashed on the day that G8 world leaders met at Gleneagles.’
    • ‘Five Dock police arrived shortly after and cordoned off the area before unleashing a sniffer dog.’
    • ‘A police crackdown on town centre violence has led to thugs unleashing their aggression in the home, says a refuge worker.’
    let loose, release, free, set free, loose, unloose, unbridle, untie, untether, unchain, unbind, unshackle, unmanacle
    discharge, let go of, let fly
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    1. 1.1Cause (a strong or violent force) to be released or become unrestrained.
      figurative ‘the failure of the talks could unleash more fighting’
      ‘his comment unleashed a storm of protest in India’
      • ‘I never wanted to see that power unleashed.’
      • ‘The show culminated with Rivers swearing at Nielsen unleashing a torrent of Italian curses.’
      • ‘On the eve of the wars unleashed by Edward I's invasion in 1276, Wales had essentially become divided into three zones.’
      • ‘This unleashed a moral fervor, ultimately translated into political movements that brought about the end of slavery.’
      • ‘Doing something cute like that would unleash a firestorm.’
      • ‘Jeb started to retreat from the room as Megan began to unleash the notorious Addelson temper.’
      • ‘If we could only master the technology for unleashing devastating floods, we'd be exporting that, too.’
      • ‘The Socialist Party government, like the previous right wing one, has unleashed neo-liberal attacks on public sector workers.’
      • ‘The spectre of Chicago 1968 looms, when police unleashed a brutal assault on anti Vietnam War protesters at the Democratic convention.’
      • ‘By 1977-1978, the Congress - which had unleashed the Indian Army on the Majlis just three decades earlier - was seeking electoral alliances with it.’
      • ‘The US state unleashed a decade of witch-hunting against the left, which hit even moderate black lobbying organisations.’
      • ‘Beginning slowly, the track drops Stipe's atmospheric vocals to haunting effect, before unleashing Molko's amid a flurry of violent guitars and angry, angry emotions.’
      • ‘Yet the Iraq war unleashed forces in British politics, too.’
      • ‘Just as she unleashes the blast, he throws his sword, then rolls out of the way.’
      • ‘Donnie unleashing his trademark flying back kick on the guy is very cool.’
      • ‘A Colorado judge wrestled with that when facing noise violators who'd unleashed their blaring music on an innocent public.’
      • ‘This system of direct rule by proxy enraged the Unionist right and eventually unleashed a downward spiral of loyalist reaction and republican assertiveness.’
      • ‘But the fall of the Soviet Union brought ambitious local politicians to power and unleashed bitter rivalries over territory, which exploded into an ugly conflict in 1991.’
      • ‘They spent most of the 30 seconds justifying their decision to unleash the yuletide juggernaught in October.’
      • ‘But then, two days later, I discovered the enormity of what I had unleashed.’