Definition of unladen weight in English:

unladen weight


  • The weight of a vehicle when not loaded with goods.

    • ‘It was tethered to the ground by ropes tied to two tough-looking Stallion trucks - 6.880 tonnes of unladen weight and 6000 cc engines.’
    • ‘There is no reference to the influence on Pilcher of the Birney lightweight car design in the United States and his desire to reduce unladen weight and lower the centre of gravity of tramcars.’
    • ‘There are 8,177 goods vehicles by unladen weight in Mayo with the majority in the 1017 to 2032 kilograms categories.’
    • ‘The low unladen weight makes the Morgan Aeromax Coupe one of the fastest accelerating sports cars in Europe.’
    • ‘The vehicles are becoming more sophisticated, and more fuel efficient, but at 3.5t, the ever-increasing unladen weight is starting to bite into payloads.’
    • ‘The vehicle had a train weight of 5100 kg and was towing a single-axle Bocker H16 hoist which had an unladen weight of 950 kg.’