Definition of unknowability in English:



  • See unknowable

    • ‘The hypnotic miasma of names, institutions, corporations and locations that envelop each drawing demonstrates nothing if not the inherent - the intentional - unknowability of each of these networks.’
    • ‘While it dutifully revisits all the dark corners of this emotive subject, by its conclusion, it feels as if he has illuminated nothing except the confusion and unknowability of the problem.’
    • ‘Of course, one of the points made there is unknowability, and the nature of being unknowable is that it's unknowable.’
    • ‘But much of the fascination undoubtedly derives from the unknowability.’
    • ‘Perhaps we can pass up the pat solution, the easy nostrum, and immerse ourselves, with gratitude, in the complexity, the unknowability, the sheer imperfectibility of our lives.’